2009-08-27 16:14:16 by DragosRo

I recently turned 18, and with that age came the "responsibility" to take up driving class.

Driving...pheh.To be honest I neither dislike driving nor like it, I never really thought about it.Having a car just gives me a "meh" kind of feeling.Well, having a car is more of a necesity now rather than a luxury so yeah...

What counts the most is what you do after the lessons are over and your on the road all by yourself.It seems complicated and amazing that people have adapted so well to driving cars, in the end I guess you...become the car!

Heh, so what do you guys think? Is it easy for you to drive a car or hard? And do you feel something while your driving? or do you drive "like a robot" not feeling anything?

Think about it for a second.


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