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Wisdom and curiosity,a dangerous combination.

Posted by DragosRo - April 27th, 2009

Well, lets see now...

What should I write about?

Lets give this a try: Life.

Life is...well life, with all its ups and downs, its "wow" moments and "argh!" scenes its still pretty damn funny and sad at the same time.
So why do we just continue living? Why do we progress in science and medicine, when the people whom discovered or made the progresses will eventually die and have their names forgotten in the sands of time?

This is an interesting thing to contemplate on...heh...I guess you could call it human spirit, the continuation of our race and all that. Curiosity and suspicion is part of the human spirit, after all a suspicious mind is a healthy mind. If you think about how we came to be and why do we continue living you eventually forget the reason why you started thinking in the first place...

Well, truth be told we aren't ALL perfect, but at least we try. I can't really understand the depressed, the "emo type" of people. If you have a crappy life, either because it's your fault or your parents fault that doesn't mean you must be a depressed self-inducing pain maniac. We all have a cross to carry, be it heavy or light we still continue carrying on. I don't have anything against those type of people, hell I had my times when I was depressed with problems but I never really thought of ending my life or anything gory. Some people like taking their problems head-on, confronting them with ideas of how its best to get out of them. I have to say though, that it's just my personal opinion, of course the life of a teenager is HEAVILY infuenced by the friends with whom he or she hangs out, his parents, and in the end life.

I guess I just wanted to say that we live to learn, we live to discover, we live to question. In the end, its only what you leave behind that matters. And no matter how f**ked up life is, don't forget we never die as virgins because life already screwed us at least once.

Heh...funny isn't it? :)
I know I changed the points of views rather quickly...darn, ideas fly through my mind like a NASCAR racing car.

Wisdom and curiosity,a dangerous combination.

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